Nanoscribe provides an in-house developed software package that embeds the Photonic Professional GT systems along a 3D printing workflow. The package consists of the print-job preparation tool DeScribe and the graphical user interface NanoWrite for controlling the lithography systems. An intuitive user interface together with software compatibility to the CAD data format STL guarantees an easy handling. Image files can be imported for 2.5D relief structures as an alternative to grayscale lithography. Autofocus, substrate positioning, PerfectShape®, and exposure dose are controlled by NanoWrite for a complete automation of the writing process.

The typical workflow for 3D micro-printing using the Photonic Professional GT.


DeScribe is a powerful tool for generating print jobs in Nanoscribe's proprietary General Writing Language (GWL). Embedded along the 3D printing workflow, it enables the import of 3D mesh files in STL format. An automatic mesh-fixing routine removes common errors of the STL input files. Slicing as well as hatching of the 3D design is handled by DeScribe. GWL scripts can also be programmed manually using DeScribe to allow for a full control over the laser focus movement as well as other aspects of the writing process. The built-in fast 3D rendering engine provides an interactive preview of the object and its 3D print settings. 

Key Features

  • STL import with a sophisticated mesh-fixing routinethumb_describe.jpg
  • Slicing and hatching routines for 3D meshes
  • Automatic splitting of large STL files
  • Import of image files for 2.5D relief structures (compare Software Update: DeScribe 2.2)
  • Editor for GWL files
  • Interactive 3D preview with voxel visualization


NanoWrite is the easy-to-use graphical user interface for controlling Photonic Professional 3D laser lithography systems. The latest release NanoWrite 1.7 includes more than 100 commands that allow access to all relevant parameters, giving total control of operation while keeping the language simple. NanoWrite requires as input a file defining the structural design in Nanoscribe’s proprietary General Writing Language (GWL). A more detailed description of NanoWrite can be found in our newsletter article.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface for operating Photonic Professional systemsthumb_nanowrite.jpg
  • Straightforward and fully automated control of the Direct Laser Writing (DLW) process
  • Automated interface finding procedure and calibration routines
  • Easy process control using the PerfectShape feature which adjusts piezo movements and automatically adapts the laser power
  • Live camera view of the DLW process enabling comfortable process monitoring in selected photoresists and arrangements
  • Capturing and storage of screenshots of the DLW process