Optical Interconnects

Short-distance optical interconnects enable high-performance optoelectronic systems. High-resolution additive manufacturing based on two-photon polymerization provides the flexibility for chip-to-chip or even on-chip optical communication using three-dimensional polymer waveguides.

Phoibos, the government-funded project (BMBF) aims for further developing the technology for photonic wirebonding of optical multi-chip systems. Nanoscribe contributes to Phoibos with its process and integration experience in the field of 3D intergrated photonics. It supplies a photonic wirebonder for automated high-speed fabrication of 3D optical interconnects and wirebonds.

In addition, the wirebond material is also produced by Nanoscribe to complete the process chain. For further information on the project or technology, please refer to the Phoibos website or scroll down to the reference list.


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